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Why Portugal, why Algarve?

There are many reasons why Portugal and especially the southern Algarve are gaining more and more popularity.

Besides the long beaches, the sun shining 300 days a year, the natural parks and the cities where ancient and modern culture merge, these are the low prices, the culinary delights and the golf resorts.  But above all: the residents who excel in hospitality.

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Where other tourist resorts are proliferating with space, in the Algarve you can still literally go in any direction. Long beaches, the sun shining 300 days a year.

Attractive climate and atmosphere

Low prices, the culinary delights and the golf resorts. But above all: the residents who excel in hospitality and no tension between population groups


Portugal has an attractive tax regime for so-called ''Non Habitual Residents'' and a Golden Visa scheme.

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The Algarve has many and many different ways to invest. The most common AND most attractive way is to buy a house, villa or apartment.


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Do you like to stay in a quiet region or prefer a touristic area?
Close to the sea and beach or higher up in the mountains? Let me know, and we will find your dream home together.

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Because I work with the global brokerage, I have access to the total supply of properties in the Algarve.

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This commitment, moreover, I am assured by one of renowned partners, experts, notaries, contractors and local authorities. Therefore, I am able to guide you through the negotiation and purchase process.


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As idyllic as a house in the Algarve looks, finding your home, and buying it at the right price, can be complicated. Because there is a lot involved, including knowledge of the market and regulations, local customs and the cost of any renovation or refurbishment.

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Advice on projects and the purchasing process;