Leasing and management

I will be happy to lease and, if desired, manage your investment property as well.

This has been my core business in Maastricht for years and I am happy to continue it here.
For this I use 3 rates:

For just delivering the tenant

10% of the (net) rent

For tenant check-in and check-out

15% of the (net) rent

Rental ready

For both the check-in and check-out of the tenant and making the property completely rental ready again: 25% of the (net) rent

Renting out your investment property, house or apartment in the Algarve

For both apartments and villas, Portuguese law requires that the accommodation have an occupancy permit (or “licença de utilização,” in Portuguese). This document, issued by the Câmara Municipal (municipal council) of the area where the property is located, basically determines the type of use allowed for a particular building or section: residential or non-residential (commercial, services or industrial).

If the property is legal, and the permit for occupancy has been issued, the next step is to apply for a specific permit from the Câmara Municipal to rent out your property as a vacation home….

Requirements for obtaining an AL license.

Requirements for obtaining an AL license.

To gain access to an AL license, the accommodation must meet several requirements established by Portuguese law, namely safety and legal obligations. This includes: 

Providing a safety package in the accommodation for use by guests;

Having civil liability insurance;

Equipping the accommodation with a “Livro de Reclamações” (complaints book) and an information book (to be translated into 4 languages).

I can take care of:

Applying for AL permits;

Supervising municipal inspections and verifications by regulatory agencies such as ASAE;

Installing safety devices

Updating the property efficiently and within legal deadlines if there are future changes in AL legislation.

When applying for an AL license, it is also mandatory to register the start of this business activity with the Portuguese tax authorities.

Tax obligations for your property to rent in Portugal

Always remember that renting out a vacation home in Portugal is primarily a business activity. As such, you must view this activity as any other commercial activity, including in tax terms.